architects fieldkit 001

This piece was constructed as part of a Live/Work Workshop at the University of Manitoba. Architects have a specific set of tools that are to be used in the field and at their desk. The design piece is to be a home for those tools both at home and in the field. It is designed to fit under a desk that supports dual modes of working: digital and hybrid. It is constructed of Laminated Plywood, Hard Canadian Maple, Canvas and Leather Detailing. 



The field kit is constructed in two pieces. The bottom unit is heavier and is intended to stay with the desk. It holds reference materials, model building tools and has a shelf for rolled drawings. The top unit is lighter in construction. It has two drawers which open in both directions. They are constructed of Baltic Birch plywood and have maple drawer slides. The drawers hold pens, pencils, scale rulers, sketchbooks, triangles and other drawing/documentation tools that an architect would need in the field. The translucent skin functions as a light table and as a seat to sit on and sketch. The pieces are constructed from laminated 3mm plywood and veneered with maple. Maple stretchers are domino jointed into the end frames. The drawers are hung off of these frames. Each piece is covered in a 10 oz canvas.