chair 001

This chair was designed and built as part of a workshop offered at Carleton University in the winter of 2016. It is constructed of steel legs, reclaimed Canadian Flame Birch, and Moosehide Detailing to add warmth and comfort to the steel arms. The chair is easily disassembled and flat packed for moving. 


Steel frame construction

The chair consists of steel legs and arm rests that are held together by the birch seat. Each leg begins by cutting, welding, grinding and heat bending into form using jigs. 


reclaimed flame birch 

All the wood in the seat is reclaimed Flame Birch that was locally sourced from the Ottawa Valley. The seat is constructed entirely of offcuts from Logs End, a local company that retrieves “lost” timber from the bottom of the Ottawa River. It is said that there are over 100 million old growth logs on the bottom of the Ottawa river yet to be retrieved. 


moosehide detailing

Using moosehide brings a sense of familiarity and reminds me of home wherever I may be. It is warm and soft to the touch, a contrast from the hard and cold steel used in the legs.