The Centre for Aboriginal Culture and Education (CACE) supports First Nations, Métis and Inuit students while at Carleton University. The program outgrew its previous facility and a new space was needed. Douglas Cardinal was asked to redesign a space to suit the needs of Indigenous students on a small  budget. Ojigkwanong was born, the name chosen to honor the late Elder William Commanda. It translates to “Morning Star” in Algonquin, the language of the land it sits upon.


gathering space

Carleton Architecture professor Manuel  Baez was asked to create an art installation on the ceiling that would reflect Indigenous culture. Birch strips are intricately woven throughout the ceiling. The project was completed this past summer. A group of students have worked together along with the Professor.


Four directions

The centre gathering space is in four quadrants, which represent the four directions of the medicine wheel. 


light detail

I was involved in all stages of the project from initial unit design, to installation and documentation. I also worked in the office of Douglas Cardinal while the project was being constructed.